Simply Flip a Switch               and the Water No-Go Valve®
                        Cuts the Water OFF     
Every Home should have a
Water No-Go Valve  System
Water No-Go Valve  System

  • Emergency Water Cut-Off
  • Convenience for Maintenance
  • Security when away from Home
Phone/ (205)965-7291
Fax 205-326-3490
Water Leak Detector
Home Protection From Water Damage

Avoid Water Damage
Avoid Insurance Claims
Save MONEY and TIME With the
Water No-Go Valve  System
The Water No-Go Valve   is a normally open brass
valve designed for continuous duty.
  • 3/4 NPT threads
  • Maximum pressure  145PSI
  • Minimum pressure       3PSI
  • Water flow rate @60 PSI-50GPM
  • Voltage 115VAC-50/60 HZ
  • Power   7W
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                Avoid Costly Water Damage
The Water No-Go Valve   System is an electrically actuated valve for
controlling water flow through pipes and plumbing to a house or structure