Simply Flip a Switch               and the Water No-Go Valve®
                        Cuts the Water OFF    
Quick Response to Emergencies
A simple flip of the switch allows immediate response to household emergencies such
as burst pipes, overflowing toilet, broken washing machine hose, etc.
Eliminates Water Damage
A flip of the switch eliminates water damage.
Repairs and Installation are easy
A simple flip of the switch makes repairs or installing new fixtures easy.
On the Spot Water Control
Multiple switches may be installed at convenient locations throughout the home such
as bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, etc, for quick cut off.
Peace of Mind
When leaving home for short or extended periods of time, flip the switch for water
damage protection.
Leak Detector
May be used with a leak detector for automatic water cut-off when water is detected.
Insurance Advantage
Claims for water damage in the home exceed those of fire and theft. In
the future insurance companies may allow a premium discount for homes
and businesses equipped with the
Water No-Go Valve   System as
they do now with smoke detectors.
Rustproof Solenoid
As seen at the
National Hardware Show
Solenoid is on a swive lmount for
easy wiring and positioning
Din plug for easy servicing
Heavy duty O-Ring insures
leak proof operation
Quality SAVES more than it COST
Solid Brass construction
Threaded design simplifies
in-line installation
The Water No-Go Valve® System is the
Registered Trademark Product of B&I,LLC.
3/4" NPT Threads
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  Avoid Costly Water Damage
The Water No-Go Valve® System is an electrically actuated valve for
controlling water flow through pipes and plumbing to a house or structure